December 13, 2020

How to Practice: Strategy 3 - Commercial Practice

Practice is an important part of becoming a strong musician. Everyone seems to want to be a great musician, however, when it comes to taking care of business, a plethora of excuses fill the room. One of the biggest reasons students say they can't practice is that they don't have the time. Strategy 3 - "Commercial Practice" attempts to combat this obstacle for students and educators.

Commercial Practice


The "Commercial Practice" approach works well with young students who have small technical exercises and scales to work on. The idea follows the logic that a typical student comes home, gets a snack and sits down to watch television. When we watch television, most people don't focus on the commercials. Instead of just sitting on the couch and wasting time, why don't we get something done? This would be an excellent time to practice.



In order for this strategy to benefit students, they must get their instrument prior to sitting down to watch T.V. The student should determine a plan that outlines what is to get accomplished during the commercials. This could be a list of three or more small set of small goals. When a commercial interrupts your favorite show, turn down the volume and focus on one goal at a time. Before you know it, you have reached your goals and the television ceases to be an excuse to not practice again!


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