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Hello, my name is Bill Stevens and I am a husband, music educator, blogger, and advocating lover of the arts. To know more about me, as a person, it is important to understand that that people must make mistakes to grow and learn.

First of all, I currently teach middle school band in Northern Virginia and live in beautiful Leesburg, Virginia, U.S.A. I want to thank you for visiting my website, “Band Buzz.”

My mission is to provide educators with the resources to that help strengthen professional lives.

Growing Up

Like most middle-class families living in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area, my world revolved around my family. Times back then seemed more straightforward, and entertainment involved going outside with my best buds to play baseball or ride bikes around the neighborhood. I had no clear ambition, and my biggest question was, “what is for dinner?”

High School

I attended Quartz High School located in beautiful southern California. During my tenure, I made some friends and learned that life includes a sense of depth. Just by chance, a friend recommended I join the school’s band, and I decided to try it out. My first band director’s name was John McQuilkin and little did I know he would become one of my most highly influential teachers in my life.


Furthermore, I acquired a clear desire to continue my study of music. I decided to attend Louisiana State University as a music education major in 1997. As a result, I actively participated in the LSU Tiger Band, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

Rookie Teacher

I started teaching as a band director in a small rural community located in North West Louisiana. I quickly learned that college education didn’t always prepare you for all of the real-world experiences. Consequently, each victory in the classroom became a reason to celebrate. In my early years of teaching, I could always count on my puppies, to cheer me on and keep me sane!

Professional Growth

As time and experience drew on, I made life choices that lead me to teach in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Manassas, Virginia. I added two masters degrees, one in Music Education and the other in Management. My passion for learning grew, and I finally found the woman of my dreams. I made the right decision and asked her to be my wife. Thankfully she said yes, and we live happily ever after!

My Mission

My mission is to provide educators, students, and lifelong learners the resources that help strengthen their professional lives.

College provided me the resources and guidance of valuable lessons. One such lesson dealt with the idea of transference. The purposeful reorganization of practical techniques used in one discipline and transfer those skills to benefit my music students. As a music educator, it is my calling to assist anyone who seeks help in innovation, content, and collaboration.


Most of all, I encourage you to subscribe to my blog and join in the conversation. If you have questions about a particular subject or would like me to elaborate on a topic, please email me at 4themusiceducator@gmail.com. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does. Finally, I want to thank you again for visiting this site. Above all, I hope it provides you with plenty of reasons to return.

Musically –

Bill Stevens

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